SMART ROUTES brings together artists, cultural organisations, advisors and experts from all over Europe to address mobility issues and to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for creative professionals, in order to support their capacity to carry out international productions. Those who work in the cultural and creative sector tend to work on a project basis. They therefore have irregular income and deal with complex regulatory frameworks, which impacts their employability and their access to opportunities. These elements add up to a large complexity when it comes to mobility. The project will last 3 years during which the following will take place:

    • 5 artistic pilot projects by emerging international artists issued from the partners’ networks will be produced throughout the project and will be interacting with local audiences during residencies and festivals;
    • cultural advisors will benefit from capacity building regarding topics simplifying mobility, enhancing entrepreneurship, autonomy and employability, as well as facilitating audience development;
    • cultural and creative professionals and the cultural sector in general will have access throughout and after the project to the developed solutions, researches and other outputs.